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About Me

Me with Billy Idol and Steve Stevens on a concert in Frankfurt

. I am a photographer located in Frankfurt, Germany. I started to see photography as more than “point & shoot” in 2011 when I bought a Sony NEX 5N with the kit lens. At first my cats have been my main subject of photography and I began to be fascinated by ultra wide angles so architecture and landscape was the next topic of interest, followed by macro. Currently (January 2015) I love street photography during my travels and bring some human elements to my shots.

I experimented a lot during the last years and you can probably see that by looking at the galleries. I don’t consider myself to have a certain style, I just love to make all kind of pictures with different focal lengths so I don’t get bored. I know lots of photographers say that one should specialize in one topic and become a master in that area but that’s just not my cup of tea, I would lose interest in photography pretty soon if I would force myself to one specific niche. So you will certainly see lots of different pictures on this page – colored, black & wide, HDR,… whatever I was interested in when taken the shots.

When it comes to camera gear I started with the Sony NEX series followed by the Sony A7 Full Frame camera. Using that camera I realised that my initial goal, being flexible, using small cameras and not using tripods (besides for long exposures), was out of sight. So I “downgraded” to the smaller MFT sensors of the Olympus cameras and bought a couple of prime lenses plus the OM-D E-M1 and the PEN E-P5 cameras. I am amazed by the great stabilizer of these cameras so I don’t need a tripod even in low light. Furthermore they are light, small and the lenses are both small and sharp. So right now I have all I need. You can read more about my photography gear on the corresponding page on this site.

When I am not travelling / taking pictures I like to play Table Tennis / Squash or watch TV Series. I work in a German bank in the Information Risk Management department.

That’s all there is to say about me. If you have further questions please feel free to get in touch via this homepage or the social media channels.




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